The First Work

The Story So Far?

You find yourselves staring at each other across the well-lit anteroom of Lord Warden Faren Markelhay’s council chamber as night comes on. It is late summer; the heat lingers long after true sun down, but the smell of the air through the open window hints that the night will be cold. The furniture is late Nerathian, and it has seen better days. Suddenly, voices are raised on the other side of the chamber door. The door bursts open, only to be pulled closed again by an anxious page. A brawny, but aging dwarf stands there fuming. After a moment, he glances around. His head comes up and his brow comes down. “What is this supposed to be, a joke? A halfling, an eladrin, two humans, and a tiefling walk into a tavern…” He shakes his head and barrels on: “Time was the Markelhays were men of action.” He spits. He begins to take his leave, then stops. “If any of you can swing a sword without cuttin’ yourselves, catch me down at Teldorthan’s arms. I’ve got a job of work needs doin’.” The dwarf’s steps can still be heard as the council door swings open once again. A care-worn man in his middle years stands before you in the blue robe of a High Bailiff. A Nerathian amulet depicting Pelor’s scales hangs around his neck. This is the Lord Warden. He takes all of you in with a smile. “What can I do for you, gentles?” he asks with a voice full of fatigue. What do you do?

You travel 15 miles from Fallcrest into the wilderness to find the once-sprawling, fortified manor now known as Kobold Hall. Inside the keep, you find a trapdoor at the base of an old guard tower. It must lead beneath the ruins. What do you do?



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