The First Work

The Sludge Pit

After a little arguing in the anteroom of the Lord Warden’s council room, the likeminded adventurers Maya, Gudrun, and Richard went to discuss strategy and the best way to approach Kobold Hall while Irisil went to seek a task from the High Septarch in order to fulfill the requirements of his Walk in the World. There, he learned that Nimozaran fears a greater threat than a kobold infestation. Kobold raids seem to full of purpose and menace to be entirely natural. In exchange for the use of the High Septarch’s teleportation circle and one of the eight letters of recommendation required by the Immaterial Council of the Cruxian Library of Naught for advancement to Primarch, the lowest rank of freewizardry. The irritated Irisil was forced to rejoin the party a short way outside of town. Everyone traveled together the fifteen miles to Kobold Hall in near silence. Having located a trapdoor beneath an old guard tower, Gudrun was first into the Kobold’s lair. The rest of the party followed her in after a Kobold seemed to be sounding the alarm from beyond the sludge pit. As they moved further into the room, one kobold became five kobolds, and the adventurer’s were in a fight for their lives. The underground chamber seemed to flicker like the primordial chaos itself as wizard and warlock let spells and hexes blaze forth, their witchlight creating a strobe as the fighter and the ranger went to work. When it was done, the bloody work complete, the adventurers were exhausted. Gudrun stalked from corpse to corpse, peeling the scaly scalps from reptilian skulls and stringing them on her belt. Richard and Maya rolled the bodies into the sludge pit. Soon, they were sleeping where they fell, fighting off sleep only long enough to make sure that a watch was organized. It is now eight hours later, and their strength is replenished. Gudrun, having activated the lever of the portcullis at the east side of the room, the party pauses on the stairs, Gudrun in the lead, Richard and then Irisil following, and Maya bringing up the rear. A dim light shines from around the corner to the north. Faint rustling comes from the room beyond, and Gudrun seems confident that the passage opening up before them will open up to the east. What do you do?

Dominating the room ahead is a long trench filled with a glowing, green substance. Beyond the trench, a small, reptilian humanoid stands in a shadowy chamber, gaping at you. It carries a sling, and quickly reaches into its pouch for a stone. It hisses: “Intrudersss! Intrudersss!”



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