The First Work

Saffron of Terror, Nutmeg of Woe

Letter written in Draconic:

“The Kalarel’s horde, outside Winterhaven:

Terrible One,

Lord of the Under-reach,

Pitiless Flower of the First Work’s Dreaming,

Saffron of Terror, Nutmeg of Woe, Root Vegetable of Bitter Gall, etc.

My apologies for the abruptness of style. My Lord the Kalarel’s compliments, and his most respectful duty. The Kalarel has decided that Winterhaven must be put to the sword. It is his desire that he not cross your k’vatch (untranslatable) for the wrath of your clan has reached even the borders of Shadow. In short, he asks me to extend a hand in partnership; with your aid, we could lay waste to the West of the Nentir before the winter comes, and there could be no better way to prepare the way of our Lord, may his light consume the darkness. If you do not accept our alliance, then know that we will consider you neutral. If you come west of the Winter River in the North or the Witchlight Fens in the South, however, know that Irontooth will consider you his enemy, and the enemy of the Kalarel, and the enemy of our Lord, may his light consume the darkness, and he will slay you where you lie.

Yours equally in peace or in war,

Reginald “Irontooth” Kavethlar, right arm of Darkness, leader of the Kick Skull Platoon of the Southron Horde, slayer of Ben’tomash, and sixth harbinger of the Second Work, etc.



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